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What: Pennsylvania American Water Company is replacing 3350 feet of aging 6" and 8" pipe that was installed in the 1950s with new 8" ductile iron pipe along with new copper water supply services for our customers.

Where: Manor Gate St (River Rd to Manor Lane E) - Manor Lane E (Keswick Dr to Manor Ln N) - Keswick Dr (Manor Ln E to Oakhill Ln) - Delvale Rd (Manor Ln E to Oakhill Ln) - 
Oakhill Ln (Delvale Rd to Dead End)

When: Weather permitting, our contractor, Caddick Inc, will begin work on or about April 29th and be completed by end of July. 

Work Hours: 7 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Work on weekends, evenings and holidays is not expected unless required to maintain project schedule. 

Project Contact: Edward Opczynski, Construction Supervisor, 610-292-3582

Install, disinfect, test and place new main into service. While we interconnect the new main to the distribution system, you may experience a temporary service interruption. You may also experience a slight discoloration of water. If this happens, run the water until it is clear.
Replace utility-owned service lines and transfer customers to the new main. Once the main is installed, we’ll return to connect customers to the new main. This may involve replacing utility-owned service lines. If we’re replacing the utility-owned service line serving your property, typically there is a 30- to 60-minute interruption of service while the contractor connects the new service line. We’ll attempt to notify you 24 hours in advance. We’ll also notify you on the day the service line is replaced with instructions on how to flush your household plumbing prior to using water. It is important that you read and follow these instructions. If you’re not home, we’ll leave the instructions at your front door. You may want to consider storing a few gallons of water for drinking and cooking during the service line work.
Perform final paving and any restoration of concrete, driveway, grass and landscaping. Our crews will work as quickly as possible to shorten the length of these temporary
inconveniences. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this project.

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