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Fire Services

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Tim Chamberlain
Fire Services Director 267-274-1127

Duties & Responsibilities

The Office of the Fire Service Director is comprised of one full-time Fire Director, two part-time fire inspectors and four volunteer deputy fire marshals. Members of the office works closely with the volunteer fire company to reduce the frequency and severity of fires and other life safety incidents.

The members of the office of the fire service director works with residents and business owners on a variety of instances including inspections, permits, licensing, smoke detector installations and community outreach/education.

Fire Marshals are a resource for on-site fire and emergency planning for business, light industry and other commercial locations when consulted. The office maintains comprehensive and recurring inspection programs for schools, day cares, assembly, mercantile and other occupancies all subject to the currently adopted fire code provisions.

Public Education Program

The mission of the Office of the Fire Service Director ‘s Public Education program is to minimize the loss of life and property resulting from fires, medical emergencies, environmental, and other disasters. One of the ways we accomplish this is through education in schools, homes, and businesses. The promotion of fire and life safety initiatives throughout our community is a vital part in the prevention of injuries and deaths related to fires and other emergencies. We will actively participate in our community, serve as role models, and strive to utilize all of the necessary resources effectively and efficiently at our command to provide a product deemed excellent by our citizens.

Fire and Life Safety awareness programs focus on fire prevention, life safety issues and hazards in the home and workplace. Programs are targeted to age-appropriate audiences for the material being presented. The Office of the Fire Service Director Public Education personnel offer a wide array of programs throughout our community. Classes are held for day care and businesses on emergency action plans and fire safety. Staff attend many community events throughout the year providing important safety information. During the month of October, which is fire prevention month, we have an annual Open House at the fire house located on Stony Hill Road, which is open to the public.

Special emphasis programs and or training may be available upon request. For further information on programs available contact the Office at 267-274-1127.

Fire Extinguisher Training – Members from the Office of the Fire Service Director will come to businesses, neighborhoods and organizations to educate citizens in the proper use of portable fire extinguishers. The members can provide both classroom teachings and hands-on practice to allow each student to physically operate an extinguisher. This type of activity gives the students more confidence in operating an extinguisher if an emergency arises. Not only can the use of an extinguisher prevent monetary loss, but it can prevent loss of life. The Office of the Fire Service Director encourages all citizens to take advantage of this service now, before an emergency occurs.