Crane Test for Proposed Verizon Cell Tower

 For Zoning Appeal #23-1999, Verizon Wireless, is planning to have a crane mobilized on the Synagogue property at 375 Stony Hill Road the new location of the proposed cell tower.

 This will take place on Sunday, November 19, 2023, between the hours of approximately 1:30p and 4:00p. 

 The purpose of the test is to assess the visibility and possible alternate designs of Verizon’s proposed tower. The crane will be extended to a height of 155’ AGL ( the height of the proposed “monopine” at this location, including the lighting rod). This will then provide the opportunity to view and document the height of the structure from various vantage points around the property.  Verizon will then engage a land planner to prepare photo-simulations of the proposed tower, at proper scale and location, for use in further evaluation of the project. The goal is to provide a fairly realistic depiction of what a hypothetical structure will look like if placed at that location.

 Please keep in mind that due to safety and security concerns, no one will be permitted on the synagogue property at the time of this test other than the technicians and professionals involved with the test, and authorized representatives of the synagogue.

 The next hearing for this appeal will be held on January 16, 2024.  Please mark your calendars for this next hearing date

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